I won the EC Petite Planner giveaway! 👶🏻
vrijdag, 10 november 2017 - 22:55

Well, this is something I didn't expect! As I've told before, I initially wasn't going to attend PlannerCon Europe on Sunday. It made me sad. I wanted to meet Erin Condren, I wanted to attend more workshops and talks, I wanted to shop a few more things (something I hadn't  gotten to on Saturday to be honest!) and I also wanted to attend the raffle on Sunday.

Now thanks to my understanding family, and thanks to the help from Dees, I was able to go on Sunday after all. So I got to meet Erin (yay!), and I got to shop (makes me giddy just thinking about it haha). I also got to attend the raffle (didn't win anything lol, but I was happy I didn't miss it, just in case I would have won something!) I also had the pleasure of being there during the Ed Sheeran planner song (oh I oh I oh I oh I... 🎵)

And, the reason I'm writing this post, the lovely people at Erin Condren were hosting a PetitePlanner giveaway for pregnant attendees. Pregnant ladies were advised to sign up (leave name + e-mail) on a list at the booth. So I did! And I didn't think I'd win anything. But I did! I'm not sure how many people won. I checked with the Dutch group who went, but no one else seemed to have won. But either way, I'm really happy that I'm (one of) the lucky winner(s)! 😍

The EC people aren't sending me the PetitePlanners themselves though. I have to order them through their shop and use a discount code. Which means I still have to pay shipping. But I can't let this opportunity go to waste really. And I'm also using this opportunity to order a few more items I really wanted during my first order, but just didn't add because I was afraid of the import (customs!) cost.

Once I get my hands on the new items I'll show them off on my blog!

The promotional image is © Erin Condren.


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